Thorough discussion of the area of business, activities, strategy, organisational structure and most important aspects relating to the basic underlying conditions. Based on this analysis, a detailed position profile is drawn up defining the required professional and personal qualifications. Recommendations are submitted on the most suitable course of action for the particular task and client's approval is obtained.


Preparation and placement of an advertisement in the daily press - local, foreign or international - or in regional, specialist or trade publications. Interested candidates are provided with preliminary information by phone. Applications received are screened and evaluated thoroughly.


In close liaison with the client, a systematic research is carried out in the respective industries and preparations are made for direct approach. Discreet contact is set up with potential candidates to sound out the level of interest and check the key criteria in the position profile.


Confidential meeting with qualified candidates to exchange more detailed information and decide on a mutual basis for the subsequent course of action.


Reporting back to the client about the candidates on the short list. After obtaining permission from each of the candidates, the client is informed of their names and supplied with a written report. The approved candidates are presented to the client.


Full assistance is given during the subsequent talks and negotiations until the contract is signed. Personal references are obtained with agreement of the candidates.


Close contact is maintained with the client and his new employee to ensure that the cooperation is proceeding well and that integration has been successful.